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Channel Crossing to Honfleur

Honfleur is reported as one of the, if not the number one, most beautiful harbours in Normandy and Northern France. I’ve done several Channel crossings now to Cherbourg which is a fairless characterless destination so I jumped at the chance of sailing to Honfleur on a Channel hop with Nomad Sailing. Continue reading Channel Crossing to Honfleur

Anchoring night vigil in Petalas Bay

We knew there was bad weather further north near Corfu and we could get more wind than usual that evening and we did!

It was okay as we ate our tuna and pasta on board and had our regular game of Texas Hold’em poker. Then all to bed by 2330 but the wind was really blowing by now and all I could do was listen to the noises of water splashing, ropes creaking and the boat turning from side to side on it’s anchor. Continue reading Anchoring night vigil in Petalas Bay