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Quick jaunt over to Yarmouth

We collected the yacht at around 4pm and as usual it took us ages to load up all the stuff we brought that we won’t need. We were met by Paul who gave us a handover on key systems such as lifting keel, bow thrusters etc.

The boat is, I have to say, in a different class to the Bavarias we’re used to. The raised saloon and long windows mean you can sit at the table and take in the view. The build quality is extremely impressive and Continue reading Quick jaunt over to Yarmouth

Our first cruise on a Southerly

Well it’s finally come around – our first family outing on a Southerly. And we’ve been waiting for about 6 months since I booked it. We’ve chartered a Southerly 42RST which is, as it’s name suggests a 42′ foot yacht. However, it’s unique characteristic is its lifting keel making it capable of accessing much shallower waters than a normal yacht – a mere 84cm draft. Continue reading Our first cruise on a Southerly

Day Three in the sunny Solent

Another beautiful day started very early in Lymington. Paul up at 6.30 to get the porridge on!

Underway at about 8.30 so we could get all the way over to Chichester Harbour – there in time for lunch on the go!
All the boys having a go at steering (helming being the correct nautical term) tacking and pulling the sails in and out (the non nautical term!).

The weather is making things very comfortable but we really need more wind to appreciate how the boat should sail efficiently without any power.

I am glad to report that my balance system is coping well and I don’t mind walking about on the moving boat as long as there is something to hold onto. Sleeping has been variable depending on the marina and whether big boats and ferries are going in and out all night long!

We’ve just had fish and chips in Cowes again and now we are off for a little night sail when it is dark enough and will be sleeping in Hamble tonight.

I think we deserve a little lie-in tomorrow as it’s been a very full day.