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Channel Crossing to Honfleur

Honfleur is reported as one of the, if not the number one, most beautiful harbours in Normandy and Northern France. I’ve done several Channel crossings now to Cherbourg which is a fairless characterless destination so I jumped at the chance of sailing to Honfleur on a Channel hop with Nomad Sailing. Continue reading Channel Crossing to Honfleur

Crossing the Channel on a single tack

As crew on our outbound leg to Cherbourg I was looking forward to sitting back and letting someone else take charge. We slipped our moorings at 0445 so we could catch the strong tide and let it sweep us out of the Solent and east around the island. We hardly needed our night lights on as it was already getting light as the sun was due to rise at 0540. Continue reading Crossing the Channel on a single tack

Our first cruise on a Southerly

Well it’s finally come around – our first family outing on a Southerly. And we’ve been waiting for about 6 months since I booked it. We’ve chartered a Southerly 42RST which is, as it’s name suggests a 42′ foot yacht. However, it’s unique characteristic is its lifting keel making it capable of accessing much shallower waters than a normal yacht – a mere 84cm draft. Continue reading Our first cruise on a Southerly

Looking forward to a weekend on the water

Several months ago we suggested to two other couples that it might be nice to park the kids with family and take to the water. Checking my email I realised that was back in July 2011. We’re now only a fortnight away. Helen & I will be sailing with the Scott Browns and Locketts in the Solent. We’ve chartered a Bavaria 38′ Cruiser – one which I’ve sailed before and the same model as we chartered in Greece this summer. Continue reading Looking forward to a weekend on the water