Funny Moment

Today was the second day of sailing and we were nearing the end of our day of sailing when my mum accidentally dropped two of our fenders (bumpers for the side of your boat that you put at the back when your sailing).

We had many attempts of grabbing it with a claw on the end of a rod but we never did, so we decided that someone should jump in and get the 1st fender, guess who that was…me! So I jumped off the back of our boat and swum to the first fender and grabbed it and successfully gave it to my mum. It was very wavy and windy so it was difficult to stay on the top of the seas surface.

I had to wait until my dad let the ladder down. I struggled to get to the ladder without any goggles but I made it and clambered up. I spluttered and panted but I felt good about saving one of the fenders.

But my dad had to quickly turn the boat round to catch up with the other fender. Luckily I didn’t have to get this fender, Tom did though. He didn’t have any difficulties grabbing the fender and was out of the water in no time.

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