Weather not looking great

Here’s the extended outlook from 2300 last night. Fingers crossed…

Deep Low expected Lundy area 981 late Thursday, transferring slowly northeast through Friday, expected Dogger Low 997 early Saturday, then southwest Norway 1004 by midday Sunday. New centre expected west of Scotland 1006 by early Sunday. Ridge of high pressure expected to extend northeast from Azores to northwest France during Friday, transferring south thereafter. New Low expected to develop Northwest Fitzroy or Sole later Saturday, slow moving, expected western Channel 1005 late Sunday. South of 47 north, strong winds at times through period, moderating for a time Saturday. North of 47 north, strong winds at times all areas late Thursday to Saturday with gales for a time, and risk severe gales late Thursday and Friday in Thames, Dover, Wight, Portland, Plymouth, North Biscay, East Sole, Lundy and Fastnet. Winds moderating all areas later Saturday and early Sunday but risk further strong winds at times during Sunday

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