Our first (and last) accident

Well, today we did have an accident which taught everyone a lesson and Tom in particular.

Coming into the port of Sami, the weather was calm and we had plenty of time to reverse to our mooring as we had done several times already. Tom and Harry were standing by at the stern with their mooring lines ready to step ashore. To be fair, on most other occasions they had passed the lines to someone onshore and they’ve passed them through the mooring rings and back onboard to the boys.

This time though though they needed to step ashore themselves and get a turn around a metal mooring post and pass the lines back to me. The boat was stationary about a metre away when Tom got two of his fingers trapped between the rope and bollard post as the boat drifted slightly and tightened its grip – 14 tonnes of pressure and he was screaming. I managed to back the boat up quickly but in those few seconds the damage was done.

Nothing permanent but it looked pretty gruesome – let’s just say he’s finishing this holiday with 8 fingernails!

Sailing in Greece 2011

He was pretty upset but is feeling okay about it now.

One thought on “Our first (and last) accident”

  1. I must have missed the note detailing Tom’s sailing accident. Maybe it’s a blessing as you will all be more careful now I hope. It could have been so much worse.

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