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The island of Kefalonia in Greece

Mechanical failure is very stressful

We sailed from Zakynthos to Poros today and after about 2 hours on a single close hauled tack headed in exactly the right direction decided to take the sails down so we could have a late lunch as we motored in for the final hour. Helen rightly preferred to prepare and eat lunch with the boat level rather than heeled over! Continue reading Mechanical failure is very stressful

Our first (and last) accident

Well, today we did have an accident which taught everyone a lesson and Tom in particular.

Coming into the port of Sami, the weather was calm and we had plenty of time to reverse to our mooring as we had done several times already. Tom and Harry were standing by at the stern with their mooring lines ready to step ashore. To be fair, on most other occasions they had passed the lines to someone onshore and they’ve passed them through the mooring rings and back onboard to the boys. Continue reading Our first (and last) accident