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Taking the tender boat for dinner

Today we anchored up outside small but nice bay. We had to use the tender boat to get to dinner. A tender boat is a very small boat that you use to get to shore when you can’t get to close in a big boat. Anyway we all had to squeeze into the tender to go to a restaurant it wasn’t a very long journey but when you are in a tiny boat it is very very uncomfortable. Continue reading Taking the tender boat for dinner

Lots of Swimming

Yesterday we anchored at Andreas Bay for the night and for me it was the best place we have stopped at – we arrived at roughly 4pm. This meant we had until dinner to do swimming and jumping off the boat.

Sailing in Greece 2011

Joe and I jumped off our mini boat and the main boat and swum over to a beach where there were lots of goats. We also had a ride in the mini boat around the bay until dinner which was at 8:15pm.