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Taking the tender boat for dinner

Today we anchored up outside small but nice bay. We had to use the tender boat to get to dinner. A tender boat is a very small boat that you use to get to shore when you can’t get to close in a big boat. Anyway we all had to squeeze into the tender to go to a restaurant it wasn’t a very long journey but when you are in a tiny boat it is very very uncomfortable. Continue reading Taking the tender boat for dinner

Our first day out on the water

I woke up after a good nights sleep – I think I got ten hours. I kept going to sleep again but soon had to get up. Harry stayed in bed and I stayed on the boat and Tom mum and dad went to the bakery. I made a surprise laid table for breakfast. When they got back they were very surprised and Harry got up – I had cookie crisp cereal. After that we all had our sun cream and got ready to leave.

When we got out of the marina we had about an hour of sailing then anchored up and did half an hour of swimming and had lunch, and then headed for our destination. When we got there me Harry and mum went to the beach and there were loads of black spiky things. I ran back to the boat and got changed and then read for a while.

Sailing in Greece 2011

We soon went to the restaurant and I had a very filling pork kebab but I managed to finish it. After that we went back to the boat and we had a game of Texas Holdem and then we all went to bed.

My Holiday diary

Firstly we had to get up at four o’clock in the morning to catch a flight at Gatwick. When we were there we ate breakfast at a nice cafe and I had a kids cooked breakfast.

Soon we had to get on the plane, it was really good. I listened to music on the plane and watched half of Gulliver’s Travels on the built in TV’s. When we arrived we got off and got on a coach to head for the marina. At the marina we found our boat and had a look around. Then went shopping and then went to a café were I had a Sprite and that was basically my lunch.

Sailing in Greece 2011

When we got back to the boat, we had a bit of chilling, then went to a cool place for dinner were I had a big portion of spaghetti and tomato sauce which was so big I couldn’t finish it. When we got back to the boat we put sheets on our beds and tried to get to sleep. Soon I had to rest on the sofa and I then went to sleep very quickly as there were lots of open windows in the saloon.