Sailing out of Brna into Vela Luka

After a comfortable night we prepared for our departure from the small town of Brna. I was the one to helm us out of the harbour which was successful despite my lack of experience with the bow thrusters.

Nevertheless we continued our routine of half hour shifts at the helm and luckily with a consistent blow of wind we made our way to Vela Luka with a mix of engine and wind we sailed there without much of a hassle.

When we arrived we spotted most sailing yachts were tied to mooring buoys so we did the same. With Tom, Harry and Dad tying us to one of the bright orange buoys (only once Dad was happy to leave the helm) me and Mum were in the cockpit getting us as close to the buoy as possible. We were tied on with what Harry said was ‘the best mooring we had done’. However, Mum, I and the wailing shallow water alarm did not agree. Nonetheless we were tied up and we couldn’t complain.

Mooring buoys are never actually close enough to the shore to simply step off the boat so with the little dinghy and outboard motor we were set the challenge of getting across the 50m stretch of sea to the waters edge. It was successful despite our attempts at turning the small dinghy into a submarine.

Once on land we were able to appreciate the town of Vela Luka and with the sun burning down on us we quickly started a search for lunch. We found a nice pizzeria which was given Dad’s mark of approval after he spotted a wood burning pizza oven through the doorway. After earlier agreeing on a light lunch we did the opposite and shared two of their enormous jumbo pizzas which satisfied us nicely.

After a delicious meal we headed back but the heat overcame me and, ignoring the cramped dinghy awaiting us, swam a refreshing swim back to boat. Still full from our pizzas we had a small dinner of tuna and pasta back on the boat. That evening we played cards until we all felt tired and settled down for the night.

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