Two days short handed sailing

I’m off to the Solent tonight for 2 days short handed sailing. Looking forward, firstly, to getting out on the water for the first time this season and the weather looks great. I’ve got no real experience of managing with just two crew so this will a great opportunity to do just that with someone who has plenty of experience.

On Friday, the wind looks safe enough to fly the spinnaker though we’ll need an extra crew. My only experience was practicing the routine a few times whilst moored up and then not being able to do the real thing as the wind picked up to 15-20kts.

We’ll be mooring tomorrow night up the Hamble River. In the morning, the ebb tide will be running at its strongest at 0930 so a good opportunity to strengthen my skills at manoeuvring into the challenging finger berths at Port Hamble marina – lots of crabbing.

As always, with these pre-sail posts, we’ll just see how much of the plan is realised – what with the weather being unpredictable and the freedom to change your mind that comes with cruising.

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