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Cowes to Itchenor Reach

Another lie in, of sorts, after a great evening with the boys at the Folly Inn. We took our time over breakfast and I was torn over where to go today as the wind looked very gentle and the tides didn’t really want to help over to Chichester until much later in the day. Pottering around the central Solent didn’t seem like it would have any purpose although we did consider Hamble and Bucklers Hard. Continue reading Cowes to Itchenor Reach

Close quarters manoeuvring

This turns out to be very difficult indeed. The Southerly has twin rudders which means there is no prop wash over the rudders when moving astern or forwards. The only way to get steerage is have the whole boat moving forward first! I’ve got used to this in reverse on other boats but not being to steer forwards until you have some way on is unnerving. Continue reading Close quarters manoeuvring