Close quarters manoeuvring

This turns out to be very difficult indeed. The Southerly has twin rudders which means there is no prop wash over the rudders when moving astern or forwards. The only way to get steerage is have the whole boat moving forward first! I’ve got used to this in reverse on other boats but not being to steer forwards until you have some way on is unnerving.

This is where the bow thruster comes into its own. You can be moving very slowly forwards or backwards and then use the bow thruster as a steering control. It’s quite straightforward to make a tight turn in this way but I am still finding lining up left & right tricky – and the wind has been quite strong the last 36 hours.

I met the agent in Yarmouth this morning and he was explaining that this is how you steer in reverse into tight spaces. I’m going to have to practice in clear space first. Tomorrow should be easier with force 3-4 forecast.

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