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Articles written during our sailing holiday in Greece

Mechanical failure is very stressful

We sailed from Zakynthos to Poros today and after about 2 hours on a single close hauled tack headed in exactly the right direction decided to take the sails down so we could have a late lunch as we motored in for the final hour. Helen rightly preferred to prepare and eat lunch with the boat level rather than heeled over! Continue reading Mechanical failure is very stressful

A day at the water park

Yesterday was a short motor around the island of Zakynthos.

We arrived about midday to meet the Tippings (friends of mum and dad). They have four children – all of them loved the boat. We went to a nice taverna to have lunch before getting a taxi over to the Tsilivi water park. We hung out there for a few hours – riding slides, swimming and relaxing on the sun beds. Continue reading A day at the water park

Taking the tender boat for dinner

Today we anchored up outside small but nice bay. We had to use the tender boat to get to dinner. A tender boat is a very small boat that you use to get to shore when you can’t get to close in a big boat. Anyway we all had to squeeze into the tender to go to a restaurant it wasn’t a very long journey but when you are in a tiny boat it is very very uncomfortable. Continue reading Taking the tender boat for dinner